The FIA International Competition License is a must-have for those wanting to participate in motor racing competitions. This article explains the process of obtaining an FIA license, including all the necessary documents, medical tests and fees. It also outlines the steps to take in order to apply for a license, such as registering with the FIA, submitting an application and attending a theory course. Finally, the article provides information on the different levels of licenses, from national to international, and explains what each level entails. Overall, this article provides a comprehensive guide to obtaining an FIA license and participating in international motor racing competitions.


A dogleg and a chicane are two terms used in motor racing to describe a type of corner. A dogleg is a type of corner where the turn is made in an ā€˜Lā€™ shape. A chicane is a type of corner that has two tight turns in opposite directions. Both types of corners can be used to slow cars down and make them take a longer route. The main difference between the two is that with a dogleg the turn is in one direction, whereas with a chicane the turn is in two directions. Both types of corners are used by race tracks to make the race more interesting and challenging.